About Us

About Us

At ACS Asset Management (ACS), we provide our clients with complete end-to-end outsourced solutions for managing and servicing their loan and other receivable portfolios.

ACS deploys proprietary, web-based IT platforms that facilitate the full range of activities involved in receivable portfolio management - including product design, online credit applications, credit assessment, documentation, settlement, servicing and collections.

ACS is an ideal partner for any organization that is seeking to outsource the servicing of a wide range of receivables - including for both primary and backup servicing roles.


Whether it is regulated consumer credit (NCCP), commercial loans or general receivables, we can provide solutions for:

  • Automotive Lending/Floor Plan/Stocking Loans
  • Credit/Store Charge Cards
  • Fixed Term Lending
  • Insurance Premium Lending
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Memberships
  • Consumer Lending (NCCP)
  • Professional Fee Funding
  • School Fees


If you are an investment bank, non-bank lender, fund manager or startup we can provide a wide range of outsourced management services across a variety of asset classes.


To improve your cashflow via automated collection services - including Direct Debit, BPAY, POSTPAY and Credit Card processing - we provide a wide range of outsourced consulting, design, management, IT and processing services across a variety of receivables.

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