ACS Asset Management


We act for the following lenders


ACS provides clients with a full range of outsourcing services across a variety of receivables including:


ACS can provide all the necessary tailored combinations of systems, staff and processing - specifically designed for your needs.

Whether you are looking to outsource a specific role to complement your existing infrastructure and functional requirements or you are looking for a partner that offers total, end-to-end portfolio management - ACS can develop a solution that will meet your requirements.

Product Design

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in lending processes and systems, and can assist with the design of products and processes to achieve your commercial objectives while satisfying compliance obligations.

In addition, ACS has extensive capabilities in developing financial models to support feasibility analyses on credit and other financial products - enabling you to undertake detailed financial sensitivity and scenario analysis on your products during the design phase.


If you’re just starting out and need assistance or are looking to extend your existing service or product offering, ACS can provide additional advisory services including introductions to:

  • Funders - Debt Funding
  • Lawyers - Transactional Documents
  • Bankers - Processing
  • IT - Hosting Services
  • IT - Loan Management Providers
  • Credit Reporting Agencies

The Lending Process


To improve your cashflow via automated collection services - including Direct Debit, BPAY, POSTPAY and Credit Card processing – ACS offers a wide range of outsourced consulting, design, management, processing and IT services.ACS’s solutions can be deployed for a broad variety receivables in addition to traditional credit products – such as membership subscriptions, professional fees, customer contracted subscriptions, customer invoice instalments, professional fees, charitable donations, school fees etc.Engaging ACS’s solutions can be a highly cost-effective strategy that can dramatically improve your organisation’s cashflow.

The Cashflow Process

Automated lending is here.

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Governance & Risk

Governance and risk is one of the most important considerations when choosing to outsource the servicing of your portfolio.

ACS constantly strives to maintain the highest standards of service and support to all our clients and their customers.

Internal Control and Procedures

ACS’s internal controls and procedures are applied across all aspects of ACS and the services we provide including;

  • Automotive Lending/Floor Plan/Stocking Loans
  • Credit/Store Charge Cards
  • Fixed Term Lending
  • Insurance Premium Lending
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Memberships
  • Consumer Lending (NCCP)
  • Professional Fee Funding
  • School Fees

In addition, our systems incorporate automated system checks and alerts that identify potential issues – even before they occur.

Internal Auditing

ACS provides an ongoing internal audit process across all areas the services we provide including:

  • Operational activities
  • IT processes and systems
  • Portfolio servicing and reporting


ACS constantly seeks to identify, monitor and resolve any issues prior to them occurring or escalating. The proactive nature of these undertakings reduces potential exposure to a minimum.


At All times ACS maintains the following licenses and memberships:

Australian Credit License (ACL) 468425

External Dispute Resolution (EDR) membership with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

We are also continually updating our compliance procedures and practices at both a corporate and client level, by way of ongoing compliance and legislation training for all employees.

Ethical Practices

ACS has a strong focus on corporate and personal ethics in all our dealings with both our clients and their customers. All staff operate on an agreed Ethics Policy which includes a client confidentiality or “Chinese Wall” policy when dealing with sensitive client information.

As a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), ACS is bound by the rules of AFCA.


Any correspondence provided to clients’ customers in the course of managing receivables - whether verbal, written or electronic - is tightly controlled and always subject to client approval of an agreed communication plan.

All correspondence templates are maintained and version control is tracked at all times.